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Order Corona Rapid Test

Order corona rapid test? We have self-tests from many brands such as; Acon FlowFlex, Deepblue, Hygisun and more in stock. Order Corona spit tests or nose tests for the lowest price in the Netherlands. The well-known lollipop tests are also available. Sales to companies and individuals.

Face masks

At Hygienekoning.nl you can buy 50 mouth caps for € 3.95! Our 3-layer masks are of high quality and produced in Europe

Mouth masks for Children

Order mouth caps for children? Since primary schools have opened, there has been an increasing demand for children's mouth caps. We have all types of mouth caps for children in stock! Models such as; FFP2 mouth caps for children, reusable children's mouth caps and more. Watch them now

FFP2 Mouth masks

Order FFP2 Face masks? Hygienekoning has a wide range of FFP2 mouth masks for the lowest price in the Netherlands. Meets the requirements for Germany and is suitable for medical use.

FFP3 Mouth masks

Order FFP3 Face masks? Protect yourself in the best possible way. Hygienekoning has a wide range of FFP3 mouth masks. Check them out now.

Reusable mouth masks

Order reusable masks? Hygienekoning.nl has a wide choice of; Luxury silk masks, Reusable masks and reusable masks with PM2.5 filters. View our entire range now!

Disinfectant Handgels

Disinfectant Handles / Sanitizers with at least 70% alcohol. It kills 99.9% of the bacteria and thus prevents viruses

Printed mouth masks

Printed mouth masks? At Hygienekoning.nl we also specialize in printing mouth masks with your own logo or image. Order them from 1.75 each and a delivery time from 2 weeks.

PM2.5 Filters

Order PM2.5 filters for your reusable mouth mask? All PM2.5 filters have a universal size and fit in any reusable mouth mask. Order them now!

Disposable gloves

Latex gloves, Vinyl gloves or Nitrile gloves? Hygienekoning.nl has them in stock! Order disposable gloves for the lowest price in the Netherlands!


Are you looking for a plastic face protector (Faceshield). Hygienekoning.nl has them amply in stock from € 4.95 each!

Medical mouth masks

Order medical face masks? We have IIR mouth caps in stock in different colors. From major brands such as Avalanche. Order them now!

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Face masks for Resale

Buy mouth masks for resale? Hygienekoning.nl also offers mouth masks for resale. Due to our strong purchasing policy and our high quality requirements, we can offer quality mouth masks for competitive prices.

Buying business masks has never been easier. Because mouth masks are becoming mandatory in more and more places, it is often more attractive for the business market to offer mouth masks in their store. Not only as an extra product, but also to offer your customer the opportunity to buy mouth masks in several places.

Printed mouth masks? At Hygienekoning.nl you can have mouth masks printed without a minimum order quantity for competitive prices. Sell or give your customers a face mask with your company logo, and show the marketing of your company in multiple places where your customer travels.

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Order mouth masks

Order mouth masks? At Hygienekoning.nl you will find a wide range of disposable mouth masks and reusable mouth masks for the lowest price in the Netherlands. Wearing a face mask is mandatory in more and more places, and has become a habit in more and more cities. 

Order disposable mouth masksWe offer our 3-layer disposable mouth masks for the lowest price in the Netherlands, combined with the highest quality. Due to our strong purchasing policy and high quality requirements, we can offer cheap mouth masks with high quality.

Our mouth masks are 3-ply, have all the necessary certifications and come with fast shipping.

Reusable mouth masksWe have a wide range of reusable mouth masks with filter and reusable mouth masks without filter. A reusable mouth mask has an advantage when you think about the environment. Our mouth masks are equipped with a PM2.5 filter which you can replace in an instant.

5 tips to check the quality of a mouth mask

From a distance it is always difficult to see which mouth mask is good and which is not. Hereby 5 tips to check the quality of a mouth mask:

  1. If you put water in the mouth mask, it should not pass through. Face masks are waterproof.
  2. If you hold a lighter to the mouth mask, it should not catch fire. Face masks are not flammable.
  3. If you cut open the mask, you will see 3 different layers of fabric. Mouth masks are always 3 layers.
  4. You cannot blow out a lighter if you are wearing a mouth cap. Mouth caps do not allow air to pass through in large quantities
  5. You cannot see through a face mask. Face masks are of thick and good quality.