Face masks at primary schools. Which mouth mask is suitable? 5 Tips.

- Mouth caps at primary schools. Which mouth cap is suitable? 5 Tips.
Face masks at primary schools

The Dutch government has decided to reopen the primary schools on Monday, February 8, 2020. There are some eyes and hooks to this, including a mandatory mask for children in groups 7 and 8. This is mainly for the corridors, with a 1.5 meter distance between children is not feasible.

This rule has raised questions among many parents, but also among many teachers. On the one hand, they are happy that the children can go back to school and meet their friends again. On the other hand, it is quite a challenge for parents, for children and for schools to do this safely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Which mouth mask is suitable for my child?

Now that the primary schools are reopening, and face masks are mandatory in grades 7 and 8, the most important question is of course; Which mouth mask is suitable for my child? There is also a question; Where can I order mouth masks for children?

At Hygienekoning.nl we have - for a long time - already had a wide range of mouth masks for children. In this article we explain the function of each type of mouth mask, and which mouth mask can be best suited for your child.

Here we list the top 5 of our types of mouth masks.

1. FFP2 Mouth mask for children

An FFP2 mouth mask is the top of our range. The choice if you want complete protection, both for children and adults.

An FFP2 mouth mask consists of 4 or 5 different layers of filters, and has a special FFP2 approval. You can of course already imagine that 4 or 5 different layers of filters works better than the standard 3-layer filters.

Most FFP2 mouth masks have a 'Tub shape' or a 'Fish shape'. It gives a little more freedom around your mouth and nose, and your mouth mask does not stick to your mouth or nose. This makes breathing through a mouth mask a bit easier, but also closes it much better on your face, because it has a round shape.

FFP2 Mouth masks are generally slightly more expensive than other mouth masks. FFP2 masks are also often not reusable. Opinions differ on how long a mouth mask can be used, and varies between 60 minutes and 8 hours. This of course depends entirely on how often you take off the mouth mask and how clean the room is.

Click here to view our FFP2 mouth masks for children

2.3-layer face mask for children

A 3-layer face mask for children is the most popular face mask for adults, but we do not see this often in the volumes for children.

As it says, this mouth mask has only 3 layers of filters. This mouth mask can be compared to the 3-layer mouth mask for adults, which also offers sufficient protection.

All our mouth masks for children are specially tailored for children up to 12 years old. They have been made smaller, so that the mouth cap seals better on the face, and it can be pulled tighter with the ear loops.

The disadvantage of a 3-layer mouth mask is that it does not have a 'tub shape' or 'fish shape'. It can happen, especially if you wear it for a while, that the mouth mask will stick to your nose and lips. It can happen that this starts to itch, whereby you touch the mouth cap more often.

A 3-layer face mask is not reusable, and it is also recommended to use it for a maximum of 60 minutes to 8 hours.

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3. Reusable mouth mask for children with PM2.5 filter

A reusable mouth mask for children is of course an ecological solution, and also an economical solution. Because you can reuse the mouth mask, it is better for the environment, but also cheaper.

Our reusable mouth masks for children all have a replaceable PM2.5 filter. A PM2.5 filter can be compared to an FFP2, and is a multi-layer carbon filter. Because you can easily replace the filter of the mouth mask with a new filter, you can wear this mouth mask longer.

In general, it is recommended to replace the PM2.5 filter of a child's mouth mask every 8 hours. It is of course advised to wash the mouth cap.

The nice thing about a reusable face mask is that you are more free in the choice of design. We have nice mouth caps in stock such as Frozen mouth caps, Spider-Man mouth caps, Among us mouth caps, but also more different mouth caps. It is also possible to have a children's mouth cap printed with your own photo or text.

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How long can my child wear a mouth mask?

How long can you wear a child's face mask? That is a good question. It depends on several factors; How clean is the room, How often does your child take off the mouth mask, and which mouth mask is it.

In general, it is always advised not to use any mouthpiece for longer than 60 minutes.

Unfortunately, this is not a solution for some people, as they then have to take too many masks with them, produce a lot of waste, or it becomes expensive. That is why many people wear the mouth mask for up to 8 hours.

The reusable mouth caps with PM2.5 filters can easily be worn for 8 hours, as they contain thicker filters.

How should my child wear a mouth mask?

To wear a mouth mask as carefully as possible, you can take your child through the following steps:

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap for at least 20 seconds. (Or use alcohol gel).
  2. Hold the mouth mask on an earloop. Do not touch the mask itself.
  3. Put the earloop behind your ear.
  4. Grab the second earloop and stretch it behind your other ear.
  5. Make sure the mouth mask is properly on your face and press it where necessary. Note: only on the outside of the mouth cap.
  6. Tighten the elastic bands of the mouth mask where necessary, so that it fits snugly against your face.

If you have completed these steps, you can assume that the mouth mask is properly placed on your face. You can also take the following steps to test it:

  1. When you blow into the mouth mask, (almost) no air should come out from the sides.

Buy a mouth mask for children

Do you want to buy a mouth mask for children? At Hygienekoning.nl we have a wide range of mouth masks for children. You not only have a wide choice with us, but also fast and expert advice via chat, email or telephone.

Do you order before 16:00? Then you will receive the mouth masks for children the day after. We also always guarantee the lowest price in the Netherlands on our products, and you have a free 14-day right of return if you are not satisfied.

At Hygienekoning.nl we have knowledge of our products, whereby we can always guarantee the highest quality. Thanks to our competitive purchasing policy, you are also guaranteed competitive prices.

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