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Medical mouth mask

Order a medical mouth cap

In many countries, a medical mask is mandatory under the mask obligation. A medical mask must meet various quality requirements and has medical certifications. Because of these quality requirements and certifications you are assured of the quality of the mouth cap.

Not every mask is a medical mask. A medical mask is often marked with the IIR mark, which you see on the packaging. If it mentions the term 'medical' with the product or 'IIR' you can assume that it is a medical face mask.

Medical mouth cap Germany

In Germany, a medical mask has been mandatory for a long time. During the mask obligation in Germany, this is everywhere, such as in shops, restaurants and gas stations, but these are also mandatory in hospitals outside the mask obligation.

Price medical mouth cap

The price of a medical mask differs enormously per provider. At Hygienekoning.nl we always offer all products for the lowest price in the Netherlands. With us you can also buy a medical mouth cap from 3.95 per 50 pieces.

Our mouth caps are IIR and have the medical certifications.

Medical mouth cap mandatory in the Netherlands

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