10 x FFP2 Children's mouth mask - Summit Person - KN95

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Order FFP2 mouth mask for children? This product is an FFP2 face mask from the Summit Person brand, specially tailored for children. The mouth mask has a KN95 bowl shape and is 5 layers thick.

This product is our choice for a professional mouth mask for children. This mouth mask is of a strong and thick quality, with good gluing of the ear loops and a metal nose clip.

Since primary schools reopen in the Netherlands from 8 February 2021, there has been an increasing demand for mouth masks for children. There are also many questions from parents; Which mouth masks for children should I choose?

FFP2 Mouth mask for children: Our FFP2 mouth mask for children is always the best choice, because it is a much stronger mouth mask compared to a standard 3-layer mouth mask for children. Our FFP2 mouth mask has 5-layers so that all air is filtered even better, so that your child is better protected.

- FFP2 mouth masks for children from the Summit Person brand
- 10 pieces for only 9.99 (0.99 per mouth cap)
- Specially made for children, fits well on the face
- 5-layer mouth mask for extra protection
- Suitable for use in primary schools
- For children from 3 months to 12 years old.

Order a mouth mask for children

Since the opening of the primary schools on February 8, 2021, the demand for mouth masks for children has increased significantly. You don't come across them very often, compared to the adult face masks and there is a lot of difference in quality.

At we always have the right mouth masks for children in stock, with us you always have a wide choice, for the best price.

Face masks at primary schools

The government of the Netherlands has decided to open primary schools from 8 February 2021. Many measures were discussed to keep it safe, including the wearing of mouth masks for children in grades 7 and 8. This was mainly discussed in the corridors. where the 1.5 meter distance between children is not possible.

After this news there has been a lot of demand from parents; Where do I get mouth masks for children and Which mouth masks are suitable for my child?

At you can always get advice from one of our specialists on which mouth masks are best for you or your children.

Compare mouth mask for children

Ultimately we have a wide range of mouth masks for children. We explain here which mouth masks are the best choice:

FFP2 Mouth masks for children: An FFP2 mouth mask is always the best choice if you want full protection, for children and adults. An FFP2 mouth mask consists of 5 layers of filters, instead of 3 layers. As you can imagine, a 5-layer filter filters much better than a 3-layer filter.

Our FFP2 mouth masks have a 'bowl shape' which makes breathing easier for children, and the mouth mask does not touch the nose or mouth. This prevents the mouth mask from itching on the nose, or from sticking to your lips.

The FFP2 mouth masks are generally slightly more expensive (0.99 euros per mouth mask), but the best choice if you want the best protection for your child.

In general, it is advised not to wear a mouth mask for more than 60 minutes. This choice is of course entirely up to you.

3-layer mouth mask for children: A 3-layer face mask for children is a standard face mask, which consists of 3 layers of filters. It is also referred to as a surgical face mask and is the most sold face mask among adults.

A 3-layer mouth mask also offers sufficient protection, and consists of 3-layer filters. All mouth masks are specially tailored for children, where it fits more easily on the face, while also offering sufficient protection.

The only disadvantage of a 3-layer mouth mask is that it does not have a 'tub shape'. It can therefore happen that a mouth mask will stick to your nose / mouth, especially when inhaling and talking. This will not bother you with an FFP2 mouth mask.

A 3-layer mouth mask is the cheapest in our range, namely from 5.95 per 50 pieces. Also with a 3-layer mouth mask it is advised not to wear it for longer than 60 minutes. Of course, the choice is yours here too.

Reusable mouth mask for children with PM2.5 filter: A reusable face mask is also always a popular choice, and an economical choice. You can use the mouth mask more often, and you produced less waste. Our reusable mouth masks for children are also available in many designs on our webshop.

However, we always recommend to use a reusable mouth mask with a removable PM2.5 filter. Because a reusable mouth mask is often made of synthetic material, it does not filter very well. It does not have the same effect as a disposable mouth mask such as the 3-layer mouth mask, or the FFP2 mouth mask. Because you place an FFP2 filter in between, the air you breathe is filtered through a reusable mouth mask.

You can use a PM2.5 filter for about 8 hours, and then it is recommended to replace it. You can easily slide this out and slide it in, and your reusable mouth mask is ready for use again.

Size Mouth masks for children

If you are looking for mouth masks for children, we always have a size. Our reusable mouth masks for children are specially made to measure, and are suitable for children from 3 months to 12 years old.

If your child is older than 12 years, it is recommended to already use an adult mouth mask. These are also available in a wide range on our webshop.


Extra Filters

FFP2, Not reusable (no)



Including Filter





Mix (5-ply)

3 reviews for 10 x FFP2 Mondkapje voor kinderen – Summit Person – KN95

  1. Eleni (verified owner) -

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  2. Janneke Terlouw (verified owner) -

    De mondkapjes zijn perfect voor onze zoon van 9. Ze waren er minder snel dan de website belooft, maar gelukkig nog net op tijd. Fijn dat ze in een brievenbuspakje (4,25) pasten maar erg jammer dat ik 6,95 pakketpost moest betalen.

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  3. Anonymous (verified owner) -

    Helaas kwam de bestelling veel te laat: niet zoals beloofd de volgende dag, maar pas 5 dagen later! Voor de reis waarvoor we het nodig hadden konden we de producten niet meer gebruiken. De kwaliteit van de producten is wel heel goed: ben zeer blij met de FFP2 maskers in kindermaat – ze passen perfect en hebben een goede kwaliteit.

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