Antigen test

What is an Antigen Test?

An antigen test is a rapid test or self-test where you can test whether you are infected with the Coronavirus. Antigen tests measure the presence of certain proteins and must not in a lab are analysed. They can be performed and read immediately, making the result available quickly (usually after 15 minutes). However, the results are less reliable than the PCR tests. A positive result is very reliable, but a negative result never completely excludes that the tested person is infected after all. An antigen test on a person without symptoms can in any case never be used to not respect the basic rules, to refuse quarantine or to stop it early.

A corona self-test that you can order on our website is therefore an antigen test. This does not have to be sent to the laboratory, and you can perform it yourself at home.

Antigen test with travel certificate

Some countries accept an Antigen Test with Travel Certificate instead of a PCR Test with Travel Certificate. NB: This does not mean that you can use a corona self-test to travel, because you will not receive a certificate. These tests still have to be taken by specialized companies, which can also issue this certificate. However, an antigen test with a travel certificate is a lot cheaper, and you usually have the result within half an hour.

One of these providers is emergency test

What is the best antigen self-test?

It is of course difficult to say which antigen self-test is the best, since there are many different types available on the market. The Dutch government and the European Union have released a number of guidelines that you should pay attention to when buying an antigen self-test.

  • CE Mark with 4 digits.
    An antigen corona test approved by the RIVM, but is also approved by the European Union as a self-test and has a CE mark with 4 digits. It often looks like this: CE0123
  • A saliva self-test is generally less reliable than a nasal test. This is often because you can't always collect the right, or the right amount of mucus. It is therefore always better to choose a nose test.

The Acon FlowFlex antigen self-test is the most sold rapid test in the Netherlands. This antigen test has a short cotton swab, so it doesn't have to go all the way to the back of your nose. The corona self-test from Acon FlowFlex has a CE mark with 4 digits (CE0123) and gives results within 10-15 minutes.

How do I use an Antigen Self-Test?

The use of an antigen self-test is very easy, but this can differ per self-test. Therefore, always view the instructions for use of the antigen self-test that you have purchased. In this article we explain how to use the Acon FlowFlex antigen test

The rapid test of Acon Flow Flex is very simple, it has also been chosen by the RIVM in the Netherlands as an approved test, because it can be used in an instant.

Collecting a sample:

  1. Open the Acon FlowFlex package and place all parts side by side on the table.
  2. Insert a disposable cotton swab, supplied with your kit, into one of the nostrils. Gently swirl it, pushing the cotton swab in, leaving less than 1 inch (2.5 cm) from the nostril.
  3. Rotate the swab against the mucous membranes in the nostril 5 times to collect enough sample
  4. Use the same swab and repeat this process in the other nostril to ensure sufficient sample has been collected from both nostrils.
  5. Withdraw the swab from the nostril. The sample can now be prepared with the extraction buffer tubes.

Do test:

  1. Use an extraction buffer tube for each sample to be tested and label each tube appropriately.
  2.  Remove the aluminum foil from the top of the buffer collection tube.
  3. Place the swab in the tube and shake it for 30 seconds. Then rotate the swab at least 5 times while squeezing the sides of the tube. Do not let the contents spurt out of the tube.
  4. Remove the swab while squeezing the sides of the tube to extract the fluid from the swab.
  5. Attach the dropper to the extraction buffer tube with the swab. Mix thoroughly by shaking or tapping the bottom of the tube.
  6. Remove the test cassette from the foil pouch and use it as soon as possible.
  7. Place the test cassette on a flat and clean surface.
  8. Then add the processed specimen to the sample well away from the cassette. a. Invert the Extraction Buffer tube with the dropper down and hold it vertically. b. Gently squeeze the tube and transfer 4 drops of the processed sample into the opening of the test cassette.
  9. Wait for the colored line (s) to appear. The result can be read after 15-30 minutes. Do not read the result after 30 minutes.

Where can I buy an antigen self-test?

Nowadays you can buy an antigen self-test almost everywhere, especially if you need it quickly. They are available at: Albert Heijn, Kruidvat, at many petrol stations, but also in the vending machines at Schiphol and in vending machines at many major stations.

The price of the antigen self-test can often differ between providers, but also the demand at the time. During a pandemic, you immediately see the price of rapid tests rise.

The cheapest is to get a buy antigen self-test online. At, for example, you always have the lowest price guarantee, and you can also choose from the largest range. You can also use fast shipping and, if you order before 16:00, you will still have the products at home the next day.

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