Cheap printing masks

Do you want to print cheap mouth caps? is not only specialized in medical disposables, but also in the printing of masks in large and small numbers.

Printed face masks each

At we are not at all difficult about numbers, and every customer is welcome. Whether you want to print a single face mask for your hairdressing salon, or print a few million face masks for your employees within a large company. We can guide you throughout this process, and you will always receive good service with us.

Do you want to print mouth caps per piece? That is possible! We use a graduated price when printing masks, which means that the more masks you order, the cheaper they become. The reason for this is that the start-up costs of the printing are higher (making and converting the design, setting up the printer, etc.). If you order more numbers, these start-up costs are divided over the number of masks ordered, which is why you will see a cheaper price in the tier with higher numbers.

In addition, at we are always the cheapest in the Netherlands, regardless of the number of printed mouth masks ordered. You can print a mouth mask from 14.95 each, while the price for premium mouth masks from 5 pieces goes to 5.20 each.

Premium printed mouth masks

At we have 2 types of printed mouth masks, namely: Premium and Basic.

Our premium mouth masks are the top of our range, as the name of the printed mouth mask says.

  • Our premium mouth masks are of thicker quality than our basic mouth masks
  • Our premium mouth masks are equipped with a PM2.5 filter, which you will receive 3 pieces per mouth mask ordered.
  • Our premium mouth masks have adjustable ear loops
  • Our premium mouth masks are fully printed, without outline.

You can see that the premium mouth masks are of better quality, but both Premium and Basic printed mouth masks offer sufficient protection, and they are both suitable for use during the mouth masks duty at home and abroad.

Click here for our premium mouth masks

Basic printed mouth masks

Our basic printed mouth masks are, as the name implies, a cheaper version within the range.

  • Our basic mouth masks are 1-layer, but do offer sufficient protection.
  • Our basic mouth caps have no PM2.5 filter. You cannot use a PM2.5 filter in this either
  • Our basic mouth caps have no adjustable ear loops. You can, however, tie the ear loops or buy a mouth mask clip.
  • Our basic mouth masks are not fully printed. They have an outline. The printing of the surface itself is complete, but you have a gray, black or white outline of the elastic around it.
  • Our basic mouth masks are suitable for the mouth caps duty in the Netherlands and abroad.

Our basic mouth masks are still of very strong quality, but they have slightly less functionalities than our premium mouth mask. However, you can order our basic mouth mask from 1.75 a piece at 500 pieces, while a premium mouth mask is 2.99 a piece at 500 pieces.

Click here for our basic mouth masks

Delivery time printed mouth masks

Our mouth masks are printed directly at the factory in Asia, a flexible factory with which we already have a long and good experience. Due to the transport to the Netherlands, this results in a slightly longer shipping time, but at we still have the fastest delivery time within the Netherlands.

Production time at 7 days
Shipping time Premium shipping (UPS Express): 7 - 11 days
Delivery time Standard delivery: 10-17 days

Shipping via UPS Express gives a small extra charge, which is based on the numbers of the ordered printed mouth masks. To give you an example of the extra costs, it costs 120 euros extra when purchasing 500 pcs, and 20 euro Bee 10 pieces.

Shipping is via our standard shipping always free. always sends the final order from the Netherlands, so you never have to worry about import costs or other costs.

Printed face masks with full color print

At you can print face masks individually with full-color printing. By full-color printing, we also mean full-color printing.

With our premium mouth mask, we print every surface of the mouth mask. This means that you can send a specific background, or choose a color-coded background color, which we will then print in full, at no extra charge.

So you never have to worry about the color of the mouth cap, and whether we have it. We print every color for you!