Corona test

With a corona test you can test yourself for the corona virus, a product that you cannot do without in your home, especially in 2022. Where no corona tests had yet been developed for the home at the start of the pandemic, you can now find these products in all types on the internet.

Of course the question has arisen; Which corona test should I choose? Which corona tests are good? That is why we have made a list especially for you.

What types of corona tests are there?

The following types of corona test are available:

  1. Nasal test
  2. Spit test
  3. lollipop test
  4. mouth swab test
  5. PCR Test

Nasal test (corona test)

A nasal test is tested with a cotton swab through your nose. You can often do this test yourself at home, also called a self test named.
A nose test is the most reliable corona test, since you always know that you have collected the right amount of mucus compared to a spit test.

One of the better-known and best-selling nasal tests is the Acon FlowFlex Self Test

Spit test (Coronatest)

A spit test does not have a cotton swab. You spit into a funnel, which collects the mucus from your throat. You must then mix this mucus with the supplied buffer (also with a nasal test) and test it in the cassette.

A spit test is generally a little less reliable, because you can collect the better mucus with a cotton swab. This corona test is a favorite among children, or adults who cannot use a cotton swab.

The most reliable corona spit test is the Hygisun Self test. This is the only corona test with a reliability of 100%

Lollypop (corona test)

At a lollipop test, the name says it all: you have to suck on it like a lollipop. For a lollypop test, you put the cassette directly in your mouth and you test yourself here for the corona virus.

A lollypop corona test is the most favorite among the children. You put this test in your mouth for 60 seconds, and you can read the result within 10-15 minutes.

The best corona lollypop self test is the Whistling lollipop test.

Monswab Self Test

The Mouth-swab corona test is a new self-test mainly developed by Deepblue. Here you only make a 'swab' along your cheek with a cotton swab, and you test this mucus for the corona virus.

A mouth swab test is mainly a favorite for those who don't want to use a cotton swab in their nose.

The Deepblue mouth swab test is a new alternative to their lollypop and saliva test as they have replaced all saliva and lollypop tests to the mouth swab test.

PCR test

A PCR test is the most reliable corona test. This test is taken by a doctor and tested by a laboratory.

You cannot do a PCR test yourself; you cannot buy these yourself. A medical company such as the GGD (free) or Emergency Test (paid) must administer this test.

You can make an appointment for a free PCR test via

corona test

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