Face masks compulsory in secondary schools, where do you buy them?

From today (Monday October 5, 2020) an urgent recommendation applies for mouth masks at all secondary schools in the Netherlands. The government has asked students to put on a face mask when they are not in the classroom, for example in the hallways, in the auditorium and outside. Also during, for example, technique lessons where the 1.5 meter cannot be maintained. This advice applies to secondary schools, and not to primary schools or MBO / HBO schools.

The reason why the Dutch government has introduced this urgent advice is because the coronavirus infections are increasing enormously (4,500 current infections per day). By having everyone wear a mouth mask and by applying the 1.5 meter rule, they hope to drink back the infections from the corona virus.

From the government it is an urgent advice to the students, the school can make it mandatory for its students through this urgent advice from the Dutch government. As soon as a school requires this, the student has no choice but to put on a mouth mask.

Which mouth masks are needed at school?

In principle, all face covers are allowed. This can be a disposable mouth mask are, a reusable mouth mask or even a self-made mouth mask. In general, a disposable mouth mask is much safer, provided you change it every 3 hours. You can wash a reusable mouth mask, it is cheaper in the long run and you get it in beautiful designs. If you make a mouth mask yourself, it is best to make sure that it is made of at least 3-layer fabric to provide full protection.

Disposable mouth mask
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Reusable mouth mask
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- Washable and therefore better for the environment
- Good fit, wide choice and many designs
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Self-made mouth mask
- It's more work than buying one
- You are not sure if it offers full protection
- You can give it your own design

Where can you buy the cheapest mouth masks?

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