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Order mouth masks

Do you want cheap Order mouth masks, then you've come to the right place! We have masks in all shapes, sizes, and prices. Are you going for the cheap standard model, or do you want something more personal? Do you opt for your own logo or print, or for a standard print? This way you can not only safely cross the street or enter the store, but also in style!


Order cheap mouth masks

If you want to order cheap mouth masks, you can choose from the normal standard models. You can opt for the blue 3-layer masks. These go per 50 or 100 pieces so that you can move forward for the time being. Ordering cheap mouth masks for the whole family, then the blue value packs are the most favorable.


Transparent models

A transparent mouth mask is the solution for the catering industry or supermarket. This way you can show your visitors a smile, and wearing a face mask is a lot less anonymous. This type is also frequently ordered by companies.


Printed models and with a print

We also have various reusable mouth masks that are printed or provided with a print. They are washable in the washing machine, so you can enjoy them for a long time, and they stay clean at the same time. This way you can be trendy on the street without wearing the same as the rest. We are lucky for people who want to match something with their clothes. With us you can order all kinds of masks in different colors and designs. You can buy per piece, but also in larger numbers. Larger numbers are cheaper, so take advantage of that.


Submit your own design (custom)

Do you want to buy a mouth mask that fully meets your needs? Then order a model where you can supply your logo or design yourself. We will then ensure that it is tailor-made. In principle, anything is possible. Do you want to order a model with a sporty mark such as a Nike logo, or do you go for something more chic and upload a Louis Vuitton or Gucci design. A print of your favorite game is of course also possible. Just think of Fifa or Fortnite. In short ... order the type (logo or printed) that suits you, and supply your own design.

Caps with a filter

Some people have the idea that they don't get enough oxygen, and we have reusable mouth masks with filter for that. The filter protects against dust and bacteria, and at the same time you can breathe better. If you need to wear a mouth mask all day long, the models with filter are recommended! You can also order filters separately.


Buy a mouth mask for children

You can also buy a mouth mask for children from us. These children's mouth masks are reusable and have a nice colorful print. The fit is a lot better for children than the traditional caps. Children even like to put them on!


Our Advantages

With us you can order cheap mouth masks and choose from many different models, from standard or medical to transparent, and from printed to models for children. If you order before 4 p.m., you will receive the order the next day. With every order you will receive a track & trace code so that you can easily and easily track your order.

Ordering a mouth mask abroad? No problem for us either. We also ship worldwide!