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Hygiene products for Children | Order hygiene products for children? We have a wide range Mouth masks for children, Faceshields for children, PM2.5 filters for children, Clip for adjusting mouth mask for children

Mouth masks for children has a wide range disposable mouth masks for children and reusable mouth masks for children

Disposable mouth masks for children are suitable for single use. This is often bought for incidental use such as a visit to the zoo. Our disposable mouth masks for children are printed with a fun design, and specially made for children from 3 months to 12 years.

Reusable mouth mask for children are available in fun designs such as Spiderman mouth mask, Frozen mouth mask, Marvel mouth mask and more. These children's mouth masks have a PM2.5 filter that you can easily replace.

Face shield for children

Plastic face protector for children to order? This one faceshields are specially tailored for children, and feature a fun and playful design for girls and boys. They are of high quality and have a good comfort on the face.

PM2.5 filters for children

Want to replace the filter in a reusable child's mouth mask? Our PM2.5 filters for children have a universal size and fit in any reusable mouth mask that you can remove the filter from.