Plastic Face Guard / Faceshield

Faceshield | A faceshield often called a Plastic face protector is also called a splash screen or cough screen. This screen ensures that splashes or bacteria get into your eyes, nose or mouth.
Order a face shield? A faceshield is a plastic screen that you place in front of your face with an elastic band. This creates a protection (kind of wall) between you and another person. A faceshield prevents, for example, bacteria or other dirt from getting into your face, eyes, nose or mouth.

Our Faceshields are made extra comfortable with a piece of foam that presses against your face. As a result, you don't actually feel the plastic face protector, so you can wear it for hours on end.
Plastic face protector for Hospitality and Contact professions
Our faceshields are often used in catering and for contact professions. Due to the comfortable connection, you hardly feel this faceshield on your head. Due to the high quality, it also gives a professional appearance to your customers, and you are both well protected.

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