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Christmas Masks | It's almost that time of year again, and you can complete the atmosphere with our Christmas masks. Our mouth masks are amply in stock. Do you order before 16:00? Then these are delivered tomorrow
Christmas masks
Order Christmas masks? We have a wide range of different Christmas masks:

Premium Christmas mod caps are our best mouth masks in the range. Our premium Christmas masks are of thicker and stronger quality, which filters dust and bacteria better than our basic Christmas masks. These mouth masks also have the best comfort, and the ear loops are adjustable in size to tighten the Christmas mouth mask to your face.

Basic Christmas masks our mouth caps are of basic quality. These mouth masks also offer sufficient protection, however, they are slightly thinner in quality than the premium mouth masks. Our basic Christmas masks have great comfort on your face. Unfortunately, you cannot adjust these masks in size via the ear loops to pull them tighter to your face.

Do you want to order cheap Christmas mouth caps? With us you can find a wide range of Christmas masks, with different prints. For example; masks with a Santa Claus, masks with a Christmas tree, masks with Christmas cadaus, masks with Christmas wreaths and other masks with Christmas print. Ideal to celebrate Christmas in atmosphere with our printed Christmas mouth masks!

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