-- Medical face masks (IIR) / Sterile face masks

Medical mouth masks IIR | Order IIR Face masks? Our medical mouth masks have an IIR certification and are suitable for use in the medical industry. All our products are in stock. Do you order before 16:00? Then you will have them at home tomorrow.
Medical Mouth Caps (IIR)
Our medical masks have the EN14683: 2019 quality mark and are IIR masks, which are approved for use in the medical industry. In addition to the medical industry, they are also widely used in contact professions such as nail salons and beauty salons.
Medical mouth masks (IIR) vs Disposable mouth masks
Medical mouth masks have almost the same quality as ours disposable mouth masks, only these are medically certified and better packaged. Disposable mouth masks are not officially approved for use in the medical industry, medical mouth masks are.

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