Disposable Gloves

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Disposable Gloves | If you want to make the best choice in disposable gloves, you can choose from Latex gloves, Vinyl gloves and Nitrile gloves. All our disposable gloves are suitable for the medical industry.

Latex gloves is a popular product, but prone to latex allergy. This is why that latex is hardly used in the medical or beauty industry. You can never estimate whether your customer has a latex allergy.

Vinyl Gloves are completely latex-free. This is also a good alternative for the medical industry, beauty salons and hairdressers. You run no risk of a latex allergy and these disposable gloves are very strong.

Nitrile Gloves are the highlights of our range. These are widely used by people who work a lot with gloves. Due to the strong quality of these disposable gloves you can continue to wear them for several hours without having to replace them. Our nitrile gloves are also latex free.

Our disposable gloves are suitable for the medical industry, food industry and more. Do you want to order disposable gloves? All our products are in stock and will be delivered to your address the next day.