Disinfecting Handgels / Alcohol Gel

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Disinfectant handles | Order disinfectant handles? These handgels are often referred to as Sanitizers as an English name. All our disinfectant handles are supplied from stock.

Disinfectant Hand Gel

Our disinfectant hand gel is available from the brand Hypogenic and Yari. Both brands are produced in the Netherlands under high quality.

Hypogenic: Of the brand Hypogenic we have the 100ml bottles available. These bottles of disinfectant hand gel are easy to take with you on the go. Due to the relatively small size, this fits easily in your handbag, and they are resealable. All our disinfectant handles have an alcohol content of at least 70%.

Yari: The Yari brand disinfectant handles are mixed with Aloe vera. This results in a wonderful scent, so that your hands smell like Aloe vera instead of the alcohol from the disinfecting hand gel. The Yari brand is also produced in the Netherlands and is available in 500ml bottles. This bottle is relatively large and has a pump system. Because this product is less convenient for on the go, it is often used at the office or at home. For example, you can put it in the kitchen or on the toilet to disinfect your hands. These bottles also fit in a disinfection column.

70% alcohol

All our disinfectant handles have an alcohol content of at least 70%. Due to this high alcohol content, it kills 99.9% of all bacteria that are on your skin at that time. By disinfecting your hands in time, you can prevent these bacteria from spreading through the skin, or for example the door handle or other things.