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FFP2 – KN95 Mouth cap ( 10 pieces )

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Are you looking for an FFP2 mouth mask? Our KN95 mouth masks are FFP2 and EN149: 2001 + A1: 2009 certified. This means that this mouth mask is suitable as a medical mouth mask, and is also approved for the mouth masking obligation in Germany!

- FFP2 Mouth masks with EN149: 2001 + A1: 2009 certification
- Approved for masking duty in Germany
- Medical mouth mask
- Available in White, Green, Pink, Blue and Gray
– For only 0.99 each!

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Order FFP2 mouth mask

Our KN95 mouth masks are FFP2 mouth masks with a medical quality mark. The mouth caps are made up of 5 different layers of fabric, which do not let bacteria and / or dust through.

Because our KN95 mouth masks have a shell shape, they also give a great fit and you can breathe easily through them. Our FFP2 KN95 mouth masks are the best protected mouth masks in our range.

Mandatory masks in Germany

Germany has recently made FFP2 masks mandatory in their country. A simple 3-layer face mask is therefore no longer allowed in petrol stations, shopping centers, restaurants and public buildings. You are required to wear an FFP2 mouth mask in Germany, and with this product you meet all requirements. also sends affordable FFP2 mouth masks to Germany, by letter and parcel post. Do you order before 16:00? Then you will receive our KN95 mouth masks tomorrow!

FFP2 mouth masks

Our FFP2 mouth masks provide extra protection against flying bacteria and dust. They are made up of 5 different layers of fabric, which creates a perfect filter. Our FFP2 mouth masks are equipped with a nose clip so that you can better close the mouth mask on your face.

Because our KN95 mouth masks have a bowl shape, the mouth mask does not directly touch your nose or mouth. This gives more freedom in breathing, which is more comfortable for many people.

How do you safely use an FFP2 mouth mask?

You can wear or use an FFP2 mouth mask in many ways. What's the safest way to do this?

- Wash your hands well or disinfect your hands with alcohol gel
- Take the FFP2 mouth mask from the packaging by holding it at the ear loops
- Hook the ear loops around your ears. Do not touch the mask itself from the inside
- Press the nose clip of the FFP2 mouth mask, so that it closes well on your face
- If necessary, tie a knot in the ear loops to pull the FFP2 mouth mask tighter towards your face.

When you blow out afterwards, almost no air should escape from the sides. Is this happening? Then you have to tighten the mouth cap even more.

How long can you continue to wear an FFP2 mouth mask?

An FFP2 mouth mask is not a reusable mouth mask. To safely wear an FFP2 mouth mask, we recommend wearing this mouth mask for a maximum of 8 hours at a time.

If you take off this mouth mask, always make sure you only touch the ear loops and store the FFP2 mouth mask properly afterwards.

This product is a medical mouth mask with CE mark

Medical mouth cap Germany

It is mandatory in Germany to wear a medical mask. But what is a medical face mask?
A medical mask is a mask that is medically certified. An FFP2 mouth cap is also accepted. You can therefore use this product as a medical face mask Germany.


This product is a KN95 FFP2 face mask. KN95 not only indicates the shape (pit shape) but also the filtering of the mouth cap. FFP2 indicates the filtering of the mask.

KN95 Mouth caps

If you are looking for KN95 mouth caps, then this product is definitely suitable for you. With a KN95 mouth cap you prevent the mouth cap from sticking to your lips.

FFP2 mask Germany

You can also use an FFP2 mask in Germany, so this product is suitable for use abroad.

KN95 mask – Medical mouth caps Germany


Blue, Yellow, Gray, Green, Red, Pink, White, Black

Extra Filters

FFP2, Medical mouth mask (EN14683: 2019), Not reusable (no)





Including Filter



Mix (5-ply)

33 reviews for FFP2 – KN95 Mondkapje ( 10 stuks )

  1. Frans van Elteren (verified owner) -

    Good and clear communication, fast delivery

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  2. Antje D. (verified owner) -

    (0) (2)
  3. Anonymous (verified owner) -

    Fine on time

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  4. Ellen Sonneveld (verified owner) -

    Nice fit, safe feeling, beautiful color

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  5. Cyrille (verified owner) -

    (0) (2)
  6. Anonymous (verified owner) -

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  7. Fiona O. (verified owner) -

    2 different packaging

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  8. Fien van Lambalgen-Boezen (verified owner) -

    Excellent delivery Fast and very good quality

    (0) (0)
  9. Ingela Hermans (verified owner) -

    I did receive these and they are fine

    (0) (0)
  10. Joanne (verified owner) -

    (0) (0)
  11. Corrie (verified owner) -

    Very good mouth caps

    (0) (0)
  12. Pascale Guldentops (verified owner) -

    Ordered and paid for 7 but received 2

    (0) (0)
  13. Anna Burillo (verified owner) -

    (0) (0)
  14. Marc Van Meervelt (verified owner) -

    sit very well

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  15. Marielle The Hare (verified owner) -

    Delivered much later than promised

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  16. Anonymous (verified owner) -

    Super fast delivery!

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  17. Anonymous (verified owner) -

    no comment 🙂

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  18. marion l. (verified owner) -

    Beautiful, hopefully protective cap

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  19. Eveline Kraayenhof (verified owner) -

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  20. Rebecca Poggenwisch (verified owner) -

    Product does not match picture

    Image #1 from Rebecca Poggenwisch
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  21. Anonymous (verified owner) -

    have to wait a few days but understandable in this busy time.

    (0) (0)
  22. John (verified owner) -

    Good, bit small size.

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  23. Anonymous (verified owner) -

    Fast service and professional approach, very satisfied

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  24. Piet van Heesch (verified owner) -

    Done perfectly.

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  25. Theo Linders (verified owner) -

    Responded quickly; delivered quickly. Fine!

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  26. Marije (verified owner) -

    Product is as the picture

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  27. Margaret D. (verified owner) -

    Fast delivery, good and polite communication

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  28. RobertH. (verified owner) -

    They fit well and are very well vacuum packed.

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  29. Maya (verified owner) -

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  30. Anonymous (verified owner) -

    (0) (0)
  31. Monique (verified owner) -

    The order took a long time but I finally got it. Customer service responds quickly and friendly.

    (0) (0)
  32. Tim (verified owner) -

    I was promised on the website that the order would be delivered the next working day. Based on this promise, I chose hygiene king. I needed the order (mouth caps) for vacation a few days later. After two working days I contacted them by phone to inquire about the status of the late delivery. Voicemail left, no response. I also emailed. After more than a week I got a response. In short, Hygienkoning does not keep its promise.

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  33. Anthony (verified owner) -

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