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Order a glass sponge? Do your glasses or bottles always stay dirty on the inside? With these sponge bottles you can clean them in no time!

With narrow glasses or thin glasses it is often difficult to clean them properly on the inside. Sometimes your hand is just too big to enter with a sponge, or sometimes the glasses are just too fragile to clean.

With this glass sponge from you can clean all glasses and bottles in an instant, without damaging one.

- Glass sponge for only 3.95 each
- Ordered before 16:00, delivered tomorrow
- Bottle sponge or Glass sponge

Leverdatum bij u thuis: 20/08/2022 - 22/08/2022
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Order a glass sponge

Do you ever have glasses that are not properly cleaned in the dishwasher? With this glass sponge you can clean them in an instant!

This glass brush is specially designed to properly clean narrow glasses and bottles. This round sponge sits on a plastic handle, which you can easily slide into a glass or bottle. This makes it easy to clean a glass or bottle!

Order baby bottle brush

Do you want to order a baby bottle brush? With this product you can clean the narrow baby bottles in no time! This round sponge is attached to a plastic handle, which you can easily slide into the mouth of a baby bottle. This allows you to easily clean all corners of a baby bottle

Order bottles of dishwashing brush

Do you ever have bottles that you cannot clean properly? You can often not put your hand in with these bottles, because the mouth of the bottle is too small. With these bottles washing up brush you can easily clean all bottles. The round sponge on the handle allows you to get all corners of the bottle clean!

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