Where can you buy a mouth mask in Maastricht?

Where can you buy a mouth mask in Maastricht? The demand for mouth masks is increasing, and especially in a border town and student city like Maastricht, a mouth mask is also becoming increasingly important. A face mask is currently mandatory in public transport in Maastricht, but we also see that a face mask is mandatory in many schools and offices. Fortunately, as the demand grows, so does the supply. This prevents prices from skyrocketing.

Buy a mouth mask in Maastricht

Where can you buy a mouth mask in Maastricht?: Face masks are not available in many places in Maastricht, but you can buy them. Face masks are for example for sale at HEMA, Albert Heijn, Mediamarkt, Post offices and small kiosks. Unfortunately, we do see a big price difference if you buy these masks in a regular store, instead of on the internet. The average price for a mouth mask in Maastricht is around 20 - 50 euros per 50 pieces and then the question is often what the quality is. As we always say, the higher the price doesn't always mean the quality is better. It may even be the case that the cheaper mouth masks have a better quality.

Unfortunately, you cannot see the quality of the masks directly from the outside. It must be a strong, 3-layer mouth mask, and the elastic bands that attach the mouth mask to your ears must be properly glued to it. Also, the mouth mask should not let water through, and you cannot blow out a lighter when you have the mouth mask on, for example. Unfortunately, these things are not easy to test in the store where they sell the masks.

Do you want a Buy a mouth mask in Maastricht? You can of course also choose to buy mouth masks in Maastricht from a specialist such as Hygienekoning.nl. At Hygienekoning.nl you are always assured of the highest quality mouth masks, guaranteed at the lowest price. We only offer extremely strong and safe A-quality mouth masks, for a fair and low price. You order from us 50 mouth masks for € 7.49 which therefore amounts to 0.14 euros each!

Order mouth masks in Maastricht

Where can you buy a mouth mask in Maastricht? Would you like to order mouth masks in Maastricht and have them delivered to your home? Bee Hygienekoning.nl you can order mouth masks at the lowest price and have them delivered at home by Postnl, also in Maastricht. For only 7.49 euros for 50 pieces, we offer A-quality mouth masks for the lowest price in the Netherlands. Are you a tourist in Maasticht and would you like to order face masks? Enter the address of your hotel or apartment as the delivery address. The package will then be delivered the next day (if ordered before 4:00 PM) at the reception. Is nobody home? Then your package will go to a parcel point in the area the next day. You can then pick up your package within a maximum of 7 days.

Printed mouth mask with your own logo in Maastricht

Buy a mouth mask in Maastricht
Printed face mask with your own logo

New at Hygienekoning.nl: You can now print a reusable mouth mask with your own logo or image in Maastricht and online. We offer 2 types of mouth caps; 1 Basic mouth mask and 1 Premium mouth mask. The premium mouth mask comes with a filter, the basic mouth mask is without a filter. You can already print a mouth mask at Hygienekoning.nl from 1.75 euros each.

The delivery time on our printed mouth masks is approximately 2-3 weeks due to the enormous increase in demand for these products. You can choose to print an image over the full size of this mouth mask, or have your company logo printed on the mouthpiece with a specific color background. You can print mouth masks at Hygienekoning.nl from 1 piece for an affordable price, if you want the price of 1.75 then this is with an order from 500 pieces.