Where can you buy a mouth mask in Leuven

Where can you buy mouth masks in Leuven?

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the demand for buy a mouth mask in Leuven exploded. This is not only because of the people who want to protect themselves, but also because of the imported ones mandatory mouth masks in Belgium. Unfortunately, this has led to a scarcity of mouth masks in Belgium, which has resulted in an explosive price increase, but also the difference in quality at different providers.

Good quality buy a mouth mask in Leuven is difficult in the shops. This is mainly due to scarcity, but also to quality differences. We are happy to explain where you can buy a mouth mask in Leuven, Belgium.

Hygienekoning.nl is European distributor of mouth masks to the business market and private individuals. We strive for fair prices and good and safe A-quality. You buy with us 50 mouth masks for 7.49 whereby we guarantee the lowest price in Europe, combined with the highest quality.
Do you want to buy mouth masks in Leuven? We ship to Leuven, Belgium with PostNL. Order from us before 16:00? Then your order will be delivered tomorrow! Are you not satisfied with your order? Send it back for free within 14 days, and you will get your money back immediately.

Price of mouth masks in Leuven

Before the Coronavirus pandemic, the price of mouth masks in Leuven was around 2-4 euros per 50 pieces. Due to the explosive increase in demand, this price has unfortunately increased. At the moment you will find face masks in the shops in Leuven 50-70 euros per 50 pieces. This is mainly why we recommend that you always buy them online. Here you can compare prices more easily, and you often have a better return condition.

We always give a tip, that a more expensive mouth mask does not always have to be better. It can often happen that the cheaper mouth mask is even better than the more expensive mouth mask, this depends on the margin that the store takes.

Where can you buy a mouth mask in Leuven?

Due to the explosive increase in demand for mouth masks in Leuven more sales outlets for masks have been added. Unfortunately, due to the explosive increase in demand, we also see that mouth masks are sold out at many shops in Leuven, the price has risen or the quality differs. You can buy mouth masks in Leuven at: Supermarkets, Drugstores, Kiosks and Tobacco Shops, Gas Stations and some Clothing Stores. The masks are usually in a rack next to the cash register, or even behind the cash register.

Do you want to buy a mouth mask in Leuven? However, the smartest thing is to wear your mouth caps buy online and have it delivered to your home in Leuven. Bee Hygienekoning.nl you can already order 50 mouth caps for 7.49 with one fast home delivery in Leuven. Ordered before 16:00, delivered tomorrow by PostNL, also in Belgium. You are also guaranteed the best price, the highest quality and you have a right of 14 days for return.

How do you check the quality of a mouth mask?

Do you want to buy a mouth mask in Leuven? The quality of a mouth mask is of course always hard to check in the store, or when you buy remotely. Often you are not allowed to open the packaging in the store because of hygiene measures, which means that you cannot check the quality. At Hygienekoning.nl we stand behind our quality, whereby we have the rule that if you are not satisfied with the quality, you can return the product for free. You will then immediately receive your money back.

We will give you in advance 4 tips to check the quality of a mouth mask:

  • A mouth mask is at least 3 layers
  • If you put water in the mouth cap, it should not pass through
  • You can't blow out a lighter with a mouth cap on
  • The elastics of the mouth mask do not break easily