Where can you buy mouth masks in Liège (Liège)

Buy mouth masks in Liege

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the demand for masks to buy in Liège (Liège) has increased significantly. This is not only due to the pandemic itself, but also to the mandatory use of masks in Belgium. Unfortunately, this has resulted in the price of mouth masks has skyrocketed, and that the quality of mouth masks varies per provider.

Unfortunately, the infections of the Coronavirus in Liège are on the increase, which is even the largest increase in a city in Belgium. More tests are therefore administered, with more than a quarter of these corona tests resulting in a positive result.

Price of masks in Liège

Due to the demand for masks to buy in Liège (Liège), the price has also increased considerably. In the shops of Liège you can find masks for a price of 50 euros per 50 pieces. Notwithstanding the for the Coronavirus pandemic 2-4 euros per 50 pieces used to be. This means that the price has become about 10 to 20 times higher.

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Not only the price of mouth masks in Liège has increased, but the quality is also different. Due to the significant increase in demand for masks, more factories have been opened that produce masks in other ways. Unfortunately, you often see that the quality of the mouth caps is not the same.

How do you know if a mouth mask is of good quality?

  • A mouth mask is at least 3 layers
  • If you put water in the mouth cap, it should not pass through
  • You can't blow out a lighter with a mouth cap on
  • The elastics of the mouth mask do not break easily

We always give the tip that a more expensive mouth mask does not mean that the quality is better. Sometimes you even see that the cheaper mouth mask is of better quality than the more expensive mouth mask. This is mainly the margin that the seller takes.

Where can you buy mouth masks in Liège (hatch)?

Face masks in Liège are sold out in many places due to the large increase in demand. You can buy mouth masks in Liège at: Pharmacy, Supermarket, Primark, Kiosks, Hygiene king usually standing in a rack next to the till, or even behind the till. Unfortunately, as indicated above, mouth masks in Liège (hatch) are sold out in many places, or the price has increased considerably.

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