Which corona test is the best? – 3 tips

Now the corona infections are rising again, more and more people are looking for a corona test, but the question is of course; Which corona test is the best?

The development with the corona virus is going fast, and there are already a lot of corona tests on the market in the Netherlands. Not all corona tests are equally good, and not all corona tests have the same function. In this article we explain how to choose the best corona test.

1. Know which test you want

The most important is; Know which test you want. You can choose from different types of tests; Nasal test (cotton swab), Spit test and Lollypop test

Nasal test

A nose test is one of the most well-known self-tests, and also the most reliable. By removing the mucus from the back of your nose with a cotton swab, you can be sure that you have the right amount of mucus to test. With a spit test, it may be that you do not have the right amount of mucus, so that the test does not work properly.

A corona self-test as a nasal test often works with a short cotton swab; so you don't have to put the cotton swab in the back of your nose.

The most famous nose test in the Netherlands is the Acon FlowFlex. This corona test has been approved by the RIVM, and one of the best-selling self-tests in the Netherlands. This corona test is also a rapid test, so you have the result within 10-15 minutes.

Spit test

A spit test is a completely different test than a nose test; You collect the saliva from your mouth and test it for the coronavirus. The test is just as reliable as the nose test, but this depends on how you do this test.

At a saliva test you have to clear the mucus from the back of your throat by making the 'Aghrr' sound. It depends on how much mucus you scrape away and how reliable the test is.

The Hygisun saliva test is our best-selling saliva test. This corona test is the only one with a reliability of 100%.

lollipop test

A lollipop corona test is increasingly known, but is produced less and less. You put a lollipop self-test under your tongue for 90 seconds, and after that you can read the result within 10-15 minutes.

Deep blue lollipop test is no longer produced. Deepblue has stopped the production of lollypop corona tests. However, there are many alternatives to this, such as the Whistling lollipop test.

The lollipop corona test is especially a favorite with the kids; you no longer need a cotton swab for this.

mouth swab test

After Deepblue stopped the lollipop self-test, they did produce something new; the Mouth swab test.

Hereby mouth swab To test, you make a 'swab' with a cotton swab along the inside of your cheek. This allows you to collect enough saliva, and you can test it for the coronavirus. This self-test is more reliable than the lollipop test.

2. Look at the CE mark

An approved self-test in Europe always has a CE mark with 4 digits (CE0123). Always check whether the corona self-test has a CE mark with 4 digits.

At Hygienekoning.nl, all self-tests have a CE mark with 4 digits.

3. View the product reviews

One of the most important information; reviews. Through reviews you can see what other people think of this product, people who have already bought and tried this product.

The most reliable is of course to look at multiple reviews, and not at the review of a person. At Hygienekoning.nl we always ensure that we have sufficient reviews for all products, so that you can make the best choice of the product.

On our website you will find verified reviews for all products, people who have actually purchased the product.

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