best price for face masks in the UK

Top 10 shops with the best price for face masks in the UK

What is the best price for face masks in the UK? Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, wearing face masks has become increasingly important and common in the UK. Due to the explosive demand, and the supply that had not immediately grown with the demand, the price of masks had risen sharply. At the start of the pandemic, some people even paid more than GBP 100 for a pack of 50 mouth masks.

In September 2020, the price of mouth masks fell slightly again, mainly because the supply has also increased. You now pay an average of 20-30 GBP per 50 mouth caps in the store in the United Kingdom.

Where are mouth masks mandatory in the UK?

Face masks are compulsory in:

Scientific evidence shows face coverings can stop you passing coronavirus on to others if you are asymptomatic or have yet to develop symptoms.

Top 4 places with the best price for disposable face masks in the UK

  1. is a company based in The Netherlands which is offering mouthmasks (Re-usable and Disposable) for the best price of Europe. haves a strong A-grade quality on all masks and offers it for just GBP 0.12 per mask. The shipment to the United Kingdom takes around 3 working days and costs 7,50 euro shipment costs for a pacel to the United Kingdom without Track & Trace
  2. Buy from B&M – from £1 for a pack of three but the more you buy the cheaper they are – a 10 pack is £2. You can only buy in store. (£0.22 per piece)
  3. Buy from Superdrug – starting from £6.99 for a pack of 10. You can order and collect for free or get free delivery on orders over £15, otherwise it’s £3 delivery. (£0.69 per piece)
  4. Buy from Boots – prices from £3.99 for a pack of five. Delivery starts from £3.50 or you can get click and collect for £1.50 (£0.80 per piece)


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